2018 Kiss A Ginger Day

Break out the lip balm, it's gonna be a busy day!

Sunset Cinema is proudly hosting Kiss A Ginger Day celebrations on January 12th, 2018 at Gasworks Art Park.

Kissing, hugging or wishing a "Happy Kiss a Ginger Day" to everybody with red hair is the thing to do! Let's hope everybody is ready to receive lots of love and (consensual) kisses on the day!

Happy kissing 😘 😘

The Event:

Gates open at 7pm so there's plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere before the movie starts at last-light. Grab a drink from the bar, snacks from the food truck and recline on a beanbag in the afternoon sun 😎

The Movie: 'Brad's Status'.

Brad is played by Ben Stiller, a highly-strung character who occupies the middle ground between decent guy and abrasive jerk. He keeps comparing his life with those of his four college friends, wondering what it would be like to have their well-paying and glamorous jobs...
  • Sunset Cinema Melbourne
    Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne
  • Friday Jan 12
  • Event on Facebook


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