Hey Daddy - March Edition

Bring on the start of Autumn with the March edition of Hey Daddy.

Hosted by Charlie and Josh, Hey Daddy is a night for IRL people to have IRL interactions. *Bloop*

Upon arrival you'll get a number, and if someone wants to leave you a cute/raunchy message they will place it in the barrel with your digits attached. Each note is to start with "Hey Daddy..."

Upon receiving your anonymous message, you have the option to either "root" or "boot" it.

There's competitions and fun prizes to be won!

Whether you're looking for love, a bit of fun or just want to see some eye candy on a monday night, put your phone on vibrate, or better still leave it at home and head on down to DT's Hotel. Doors open at 8pm, entry via Highett Street.

Models: Rowan Wagner and Michael Lumley
Photographer: Alexander Legaree


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